Welcome to our school

Little Hearts is a well established kindergarten, bringing the Montessori Method of Education. It caters to children under 6 years old. Its teaching method recognizes the importance of the first Five years in a child’s development. The child’s powers of absorption are at their peak during these sensitive years, when lifelong attitudes and patterns of learning are firmly established. In our specially prepared classroom, Learning for the Child is through the I-Imaginative C-Cognitive E-Emotional P-Physical S- Social (ICEPS) curriculum. Imaginative - Developing sensory awareness, imagining and visualizing, exploring, creating, responding and interpreting; developing critical awareness, expressing and representing through a variety of forms.


  • Creache
  • Day care
  • After school care
  • Holiday/vacation care
  • Play group
  • Nursery
  • Junior KG
  • Senior KG

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  • Math
  • Creative Art
  • Group Circle time
  • Science and sensory
  • Story Time
  • Rhymes and actions
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Out Door Play